Telemedicine Video Visits in St Louis, MO

Michael Twyman, MD at Apollo Cardiology has been offering Telemedicine Video Visit services to the St. Louis, MO and surrounding areas since the practice launched in August 2019. Apollo Cardiology is open 5 days a week and is located at 7733 Forsyth Blvd, 11th floor, St Louis, MO 63105. For more details, call us now or book an appointment.

Telemedicine Video Visits in St Louis, MO

Whether you are sick or prefer not to drive to the office, a telemedicine visit is an option for you at Apollo Cardiology.  Telemedicine video visits afford you the luxury of getting medical attention from the comforts and safety of your own home. At Apollo Cardiology telemedicine was built into the practice and Dr Twyman has been offering this service since the doors opened in August 2019.  We love to offer this progressive new service to any patient that cannot make it in to see us in person!

What is the use of telemedicine?

Telemedicine has a variety of different uses and benefits for healthcare providers and patients alike! The primary purpose of telemedicine is to enable physicians to provide remote healthcare to patients through the use of telecommunication technology. With telemedicine, patients can receive medical attention wherever they are, which can be especially helpful for patients who are too sick to leave the house, have no means of transportation, or cannot travel due to weather restrictions. The services that telemedicine can provide include review of lab work and test, prescription refills, post-treatment checkups, and medical inquiries from the patient. Additional benefits of telemedicine include the saving of time and money. Telemedicine appointments are the same costs as in-office visits, yet you will have the benefit of not needing to spend any time driving to the office.

While telemedicine has many benefits, it must be noted that it is not designed to substitute in-office visits with a physician. There are many medical conditions that cannot be diagnosed or treated remotely but require testing or the physical presence or expertise of a physician to perform.  Dr Twyman also requires that all patients be seen at least once per year in person in the office.

What is the difference between telehealth and telemedicine?

Telemedicine refers to the specific medical attention of a physician in a clinical setting using telecommunications technology to care for their patient. On the other hand, telehealth is a much broader delineation in terms of the technology and services it provides, which includes training, administrative, and educational resources. As such, telemedicine is a large branch on the telehealth tree.

What are the different types of telemedicine?

There are four different types of telemedicine care, namely, live video consultations, remote patient monitoring (RPM), mobile health, and store and forward. Live video consultations are the most commonly used form of telemedicine, in which an appointment is conducted between a physician and patient using a video-based conferencing app. With remote patient monitoring, a physician can monitor the chronic conditions or disease of a patient using a telehealth app that detects heart rate, blood pressure, and other vitals. Mobile health, also known as mHealth, refers to the use of apps on your tablet, smartwatch, or smartphone to support ongoing health conditions such as diabetes. The last form of telemedicine is not used by patients, but rather physicians, in that it involves the storing of patient medical information in order to electronically forward to other health professionals whenever it is necessary to do so.

If you are looking for a health office specializing in heart health that offers telemedicine services, we would be delighted to be at your service at Apollo Cardiology! To book an appointment or learn more about our telemedicine services, call us at (314) 266-7684. You can also schedule an appointment through our website! Apollo Cardiology is located at 7733 Forsyth Blvd on the 11th floor of the Pierre Laclede building in St. Louis, Missouri. Our offices are open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.