Health Optimization Specialist Q and A

It is important to take care of your heart through a healthy diet, exercise, proper sleep, stress management, and regular check-ups with a physician as you get older. At Apollo Cardiology in St Louis, MO, our team can help you reach your heart health goals throughout the year. Call us for more details or book an appointment online. We serve the surrounding areas of St. Louis, MO, Richmond Heights, MO, Clayton, MO and Maplewood, MO.

Health Optimization Specialist Q and A

Facing the prospect of surgery can feel a little bit like staring down the barrel of a gun! It is usually a last resort for a reason. However, with the appropriate care and treatment, the efficacy of surgery for heart conditions can either be improved or avoided altogether! At Apollo Cardiology, we want to help optimize your heart health to either prevent an operation or to make it much less daunting to experience. Our team is committed to providing compassionate and expert care to every patient we meet!

What is optimization in healthcare?

Healthcare optimization refers to a method of care that focuses on the holistic treatment of conditions such as heart disease, rather than solely relying on surgery. Thus, while surgery is often ultimately required, other practices and treatment plans can significantly complement the efficacy of surgery. Ideally, such methods and treatments can nullify the need for surgery, but that is not always guaranteed. Health optimization treatment often focuses on the integrated role of physical exercise, appropriate nutrition, mental wellbeing, proper sleep and nutriceutical and pharmacological benefits to prevent and care for worrisome health conditions. At Apollo Cardiology, we specialize in health optimization for heart conditions, such as heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and insulin resistance/prediabetes. With our fantastic treatment methods, we can help increase the efficacy of surgery should you require it and even prevent it if we start early enough.

How do you optimize nutrition?

There are a million different voices that are telling you how to enhance your diet or nutrition! Some are good, while some are bad. Thus, it can be challenging to know how to correctly optimize your food intake in a way that is right for you. At Apollo Cardiology, we highly advocate for time-restricted eating, an eating schedule that follows your circadian rhythms. Your circadian rhythm is your internal clock; it regulates your sleep-wake cycle and resets roughly every 24 hours. This method has been extensively researched and developed by Dr. Satchin Panda, a leading expert in circadian rhythm research.

The basic principle of time-restricted eating is restricting your eating schedule to 12 hours or in a single day while leaving three hours between eating and going to bed. As such, if you start eating at 7:00 AM, plan to finish eating by 7:00 PM, and to go to bed by 10:00 PM. Aligning your eating schedule with your circadian rhythms has proven to reduce inflammation, blood-sugar levels, and the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. On the flip side, constant disruption of circadian rhythms can lead to more inflammation, higher blood-sugar levels, and a higher risk of developing the diseases mentioned.

How do you optimize your energy?

Another benefit of time-restricted eating is that it allows you to experience deeper sleep by establishing a structured sleep-wake cycle for your body. Thus, you will sleep better while sleeping, which will provide you with way more energy while you are awake! We also recommend establishing a healthy exercise routine. Studies show that regular exercise leads to higher energy and less fatigue!

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